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It is by God’s grace that the youth department at CAC Solution Centre thrives and continues to grow and raise mighty youth for Christ.

 The youth department is a place of discovery and a place where solution to problems can be found. The youth department works with great young people, aged between 13 and 24 from diverse backgrounds. All of the young people are encouraged to achieve and identify their God given gifts and talents (Proverbs chapter 18 v16) and so that they can fulfil their purpose on earth.

 Knowing who they are in Christ ultimately leads to them being confident and bold which is needed for young Christian’s to survive in today’s  secular world. This is achieved through biblical and specialised teachings, prayer, encouragement, coaching, mentoring and counselling all of which are guided from the best teacher, 'The Holy Spirit’.

 In 2014 the youth department aims to reach out to the local community to spread the Gospel, which is the message of love, hope and faith the ultimate solution to all mankind.


Here are some comments from the youth:-

 In youth class we study the word of God.

Our teacher whilst referencing the bible shows us the connection between the bible and everyday life. She has taught us that even though the bible was written a long time ago, we can still continue to apply it in every area of our lives. Each story can be applied to the problems we face today in this generation and also how we can go about to solve these problems.

Currently we are studying the story of Daniel and how he faced what we now call peer pressure but managed to pull through and uphold God as his Lord. Even though he was faced with death, instead of worshipping false idols, he stayed faithful and refused- keeping his faith devoted to God, our Lord.

We can apply this to our lives as we may be pushed to worship false idols by our ‘friends’: phones, boys/girls, television, alcohol and drugs. However, we are Gods children and in youth class we learn to resist these idols and stay holy within Gods love.

In youth class we also do projects and are set tasks. This allows us to go and study further ourselves instead of just having interest only on Sundays. This is also used to prepare us for independent study for when we are older and keep us in routine to study Gods word on a daily/weekly basis.



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