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Christ Apostolic Church Solution Centre Women


The good women department is committed to encouraging, challenging, nurturing and developing all women in the church in order to fulfil their godly roles towards their families as well as the church.  The department shares the responsibility for developing evangelistic strategy and provides meeting to equip the women of the church to uplift Christ in the church and around world.


  • We know that God is Love and we mirror that Love to others
  • We put God first as our priority in all that we do
  • We trust God to make us successful in our roles as godly wives and mothers


  • To help women to deepen their faith and experience in spiritual growth and renewal of their strength.
  • To address the concerns of women both within their families as well as in the church.
  • To foster spiritual growth and unity amongst women that build on mutual and spiritual support in exchange of ideas. 




We have 69 guests and no members online