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CAC Solution Centre CACMA


To provide a forum for the development and training of men, grounded in the principles of the word of God, strong in character, committed to the family, social responsibilities, morally strong, physically disciplined, spiritually mature, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and dedicated to reaching men everywhere.

To establish a network of men’s designed to meet the unique needs of men with a view to restoring the quality of the male as depicted in Scripture using the ultimate man Jesus Christ as our pattern and model of real manhood.

To establish men grounded in a personal dynamic relationship with God the Father, guided by the principles of work, personal cultivation and development, committed to the protection of life, family and integrity, willing to learn and teach others the word and ways of God endeavoring to reconcile men back to the Kingdom of God through the Ultimate Man, Jesus Christ!

To aid in fulfilling the purpose and vision of Christ Apostolic Church worldwide and specifically the SurreyDocks HeadQuater in sharing and demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, making disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, transforming followers into leaders and influencers of men.

To assist men in fulfilling the purpose that God has for their lives. The primary calling is to mobilize men for serving God and the Fellowship through exciting opportunities of reaching the lost and giving spiritual leadership for the family, church and community.

To recruit through training, equip through teaching, and release through delegation, an army of men committed to the principles and purposes of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

1. To establish a strong network of men bonded together by common purpose, vision and commitment devoted to the biblical principles of the Word of God.
2. To provide a forum conducive for men to share common concerns, needs and challenges where they can receive encouragement, inspiration and solutions from their fellowmen based on the Word of God.
3. To provide seminars, conferences, discussion sessions, exchange and formal instruction sessions to educate, train and teach men the principles and precepts of the Word of God.
4. To provide resource materials and products to assist men in their pursuit of knowledge and personal development and training in becoming better men, fathers, husbands and leaders.
5. To cultivate the burden of evangelism within men to win men to Christ through personal witness and examples.
6. To develop a strong network of friendships and accountability among men to encourage integrity, holiness, honesty, faithfulness and loyalty to the highest standards of Christian principles.
7. To provide a counseling agency specifically by men so they can help with the unique needs and problems of the male man.
8. To provide recreational activities for men to exchange and develop relationships through play, competition, skill and exercise. (sports retreats, luncheons, and picnics).
9. To sponsor special marriage seminars and retreats to enhance men’s responsibilities in their home and marriage.

We recognize that many men are beaten, broken and discouraged by the various and unique challenges of life. Solution Centre CACMA represents the righteous alternative, a practical approach to living victoriously in today’s culture. We believe the only way men can truly live a life with confidence, transparency and dominion that transforms the culture in which they live, is through Godly character and influence."

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